Artist: Elena Gileva
Elena is currently studying for an MA in Ceramics at
the Royal College of Art. The expression of
histories and cultures through objects is central to
her practice. She has studied previously at Emily Carr 
University, Vancouver, and she graduated with an MFA in 
Fine Arts from Parsons Paris. Elena’s work has featured 
in numerous exhibitions including ‘The Established and 
the Emerging’ at Christies, South Kensington, and Ceramics 
Arts London. Elena has also held residencies in the UK, 
Japan and Denmark. 

Original object:The Matter of Objets - A.-C Dumargne (1)Candlestick with the figure of St Sebastian,Brass, 
Maker unknown, 1475-1500, Rijksmuseum, BK-NM-2285,
Image © Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Researcher: Anne-Clothilde Dumargne
Anne-Clothilde is a PhD student at the University of
Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Her
thesis focuses on medieval daily life in
Western Europe, in particular everyday life objects
in bronze, copper and brass (candlesticks), based on
written, archaeological and iconographic sources.
Brass candlesticks, such as the St Sebastian
example, were intended in the early Middle Ages to
decorate altars but were gradually introduced into
rich and poor households. As domestic utensils they
were more reliable, more durable and more aesthetic
than precarious lighting devices.


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