Artist: Sarah Jarman
Sarah has an MA in Printmaking from Camberwell
College of Art. Her practice is heavily influenced by
her research in anthropology and she has a BA in
Social Anthropology from SOAS. In 2015 she won the
R E Dawson Young Printmaker Award. In recent years,
Sarah has shown her work in a large number of
London exhibitions. These include
‘Nomadic Monuments’ at The Modern Pantry and at both
the National Original Print Fair and the London
Original Print Fair in 2015.
Original object: 
“The Lady Hungerford’s Meditations upon the Beads” in 
John Bucke’s Instructions for the use of beads, 1589, 
British Library, London, Image © Emily Vine
Researcher: Emily Vine
Emily is an AHRC funded PhD student working on a
Collaborative Doctoral Award at Queen Mary
University of London and the Geffrye Museum of
the Home. Her PhD research investigates ‘Religion
and the home in London, 1600-1800’ and involves a
cross-disciplinary approach, working with both the
History and English departments at QMUL. “The Lady
Hungerford’s Meditations upon the Beads” was creat-
ed for Catholics who did not have access to rosary
beads, allowing them to continue to participate in
an important ritual of their faith in adverse


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