The Project

 Increasingly the humanities have recognised the
value of objects within historical narratives. The
historians whose research is on show today are amongst
those who are taking objects seriously as historical
sources whilst recognising the challenges they bring.
From the beginning the aim of this project has been to
address these challenges from new perspectives whilst
opening up a discussion about the place and significance
of physical remnants of earlier times in contemporary
      The eight artists exhibiting today have produced
works inspired by a historical object that is central to
the research of their historian partner. From the eighth
to the seventeenth century, and from Anglo-Saxon
Northumbria to the Gujarat, India, the objects that have
inspired these artworks cover a broad stretch of time and
space. With the talent of the artists showing today we
knew we would be exhibiting some beautiful works, however
we hope that we can also measure the result and success
of this project by the collaborative discussions that
have brought up new questions and inspired reinvigorated
approaches to the materials of the past.
      We would like to thank all those who have helped
bring this project to fruition. We are very grateful to
the Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies and
the Centre for Public Engagement at Queen Mary for their
sponsorship, and to Professor Kate Lowe, Dr Federico
Botana and Dr Eyal Poleg for their advice and support. We
would like to extend our thanks to Dan Taylor of the CPE
and Carla Valentine at Barts Pathology Museum for helping
us to open up the exhibition to a wider audience.
Ella Kilgallon and Hannah Lee
     Centre for Renaissance and Early Modern Studies & Centre for 
Public Engagement, Queen Mary University of London

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