The Key to the City

Artist: Kathryn Martin
Kathryn is an illustrator and a recent graduate of
the Royal College of Art (MA Visual
Communication,2015). She specialises in
experimental narrative drawing and reportage.
Anglo-Saxon and Medieval art, particularly
illuminated manuscripts, have been an important
influence on some of Kathryn’s previous work.
Kathryn’s illustration and written work has featured
in publications such as Modern Times- A Graphic
Commentary and ILL-informed Annual. In 2013 her work
was part of the ‘The Jackdaw Illustration Show’ at
Foyles Bookshop.

Original object:
Luke_Bancroft_Lion (1)
Marzocco, Sandstone,Florence, Donatello, 1420,  
Museo del Bargello, Florence, Image © Luke Bancroft
Researcher: Luke Bancroft
Luke is a PhD candidate at Monash University,
Melbourne. His research is focused on the
religio-cultural history of Florence in the period
1419 to 1443 specifically the impact of the
residences of popes Martin V and Eugenius IV in the
city. His chosen object, the Marzocco, was created
by Donatello in 1420 for the stairwell of the papal
apartments and served as a daily reminder of
Republican might.


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