BOP Untitled


Artist: Dominque Russell
Dominique is an artist who lives and works in London. 
She graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College
of Art and Design in 2013 and has an MA with Distinction in 
Museum Studies from UCL. Her work has recently been shown at 
the Conway Hall as part of Philosophy Now’s ‘Cultural Salon’ 
and in ‘Collections of Collections’ at the V&A Museum.
Dominique has worked at Muséum National d’Histoire
Naturelle, Paris, and she is currently a collections
assistant at the Science Museum.
Original object:
NL Object  copy
Bird of Paradise Skin, C19th, Natural History
Museum, Tring, Image © Natalie Lawrence
Researcher: Natalie Lawrence
Natalie is a PhD student at the History and
Philosophy of Science Department, University of
Cambridge, and has recently submitted her thesis,
entitled ‘Monstrous Assembly: Constructing Exotic
Animals in Early Modern Europe’. Her chosen object,
a nineteenth-century Bird of Paradise skin, recalls
the broken and degraded parts of animals that were
brought to early modern Europe as specimens and


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