Artist: Timothy Gasbarro
Timothy graduated from the Royal College of Art in
2014 with an MA in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing,
Metalwork and Jewellery. He previously trained at
The Rochester Institute of Technology and The School
of Visual Arts, New York. His work has featured in
multiple shows and exhibitions including the
International Fashion Showcase at London Fashion
Week 2014 and ‘In Reverse’ at the Pitt Rivers
Museum, Oxford, in 2013. Timothy is currently based
in Berlin.

Original object:
Researcher: Annie Thwaite
Annie is currently studying for a PhD at the
department of History and Philosophy of Science at
the University of Cambridge. She graduated with an
MA in the History of Design from the Royal College
of Art/Victoria and Albert Museum in 2014. Her
doctoral research is funded by the Wellcome Trust
and explores the material culture of healing in ear-
ly modern England. As part of her research Annie has
reintroduced objects, such as the witch-bottle and
its contents, into a history of early modern


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