Artist: Susan Eyre
Susan is a London based artist and works in
various forms of print media, both in 2d and 3d.
Susan holds a BA in Textiles from Goldsmiths
College, University of London and in 2015 she
graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA
in Printmaking. Her work has featured in numerous
exhibitions across the country. Recent examples
include ‘Blind Plural’ at Hundred Years Gallery and
‘Giving’ at Trident and Triangle, both in London.
Susan’s practice engages with the questions of the
visible and the invisible and explores the
intersecting languages of particle physics and

Original object:cabinetFall-fronted Cabinet, Wood, veneered with rosewood, 
inlaid with exotic woods, ivory, brass and micromosaic 
motifs, C16th, Probably made in Gujarat, India, 
V&A Museum, 317-1866, Image ©Victoria & Albert Museum, 
Researcher: Bruno Martinho
Bruno is a PhD researcher at the European University
Institute in Florence.Before starting his PhD Bruno was 
Curator at Palácio Nacional de Sintra in Portugal.
His doctoral work explores the consumption of non-European 
objects on the Iberian Peninsula during the second half of 
the sixteenth century. Fall-front cabinets, made in India 
and consumed in the Iberian Peninsula, were used to keep
the most precious possessions of their owners, from
jewels to important documents, and, because of that,
they became the most important piece of furniture
for social manifestation.


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