The Ivory

Artist: Elinor Cantrill
Elinor is an artist who lives and works in London.
She studied at Leeds College of Art before
graduating from Wimbledon College of Art with a BA
in Fine Art (Sculpture). Her work has featured in
numerous exhibitions in Leeds, London and Los
Angeles and spans across a variety of different
media, including animation and video installation.
Elinor’s curatorial experience includes her time as
a director of the Institute of Jamais Vu.

Original object:ivory
The Last Judgment, Ivory, C. 700s, Uncertain origin, 
V&A Museum, 253-1867, 
Image © Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Researcher:Meg Boulton
Meg is a research associate at the University of
York. She has a background in Fine Art but turned to
Art History for her postgraduate studies. Her PhD,
at the University of York, was on the
conceptualisation of sacred space in Anglo-Saxon
Northumbria from the 6th-9th century. Her
chosen object, the Last Judgment ivory, explicates
the collapse of time and the end of all things for
its viewer though an interplay of eschatology,
iconography and visual innovation that defies its
tiny scale and material identity as a finite thing.


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